Water Softeners
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Livingston County • Western Oakland County
Northern Washtenaw County

Enjoy the Benefits of Having JRTT Water Conditioning Install
a Water Purification or Softening System in Your Home

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JRTT Residential Rental Program

Water Softeners

Hair is softer and more manageable. Skin feels smoother after baths & showers. Dishes are cleaner and sheets and clothes are soft and smooth.

Rent monthly, annually or to own.

JRTT Commercial Rental Program

Water Softeners

Restaurants, businesses, laundromats, government buildings, schools, hospitals and assisted care facilities.

Rent monthly, annually or to own.

Baby in a Laundry Basket

Rental Program
How it works

There's no large upfront expense for the purchase of your unit, only expenses are your salt or potassium replacement. No charge for labor and repairs. Low monthly rate makes it easily affordable, rent to own or rent month-to-month; it's your call.

Benefits of Soft Water

It's Time to do something about your smelly hard water!
Call JRTT Water Conditioning to schedule a water review today.

  • For Your Family

    Feel Better
    Live Healthier
    Look Better
    Save Money

  • Bathroom

    Cleaning is easier with less soap scum and residue. Hair is softer and more manageable. Skin feels smoother, less unpleasant dryness. Shower heads & faucets last longer due to less mineral scaling.

  • Kitchen

    Dishes, glasses, crystal and china are cleaner and spot-free. Enjoy fresher, more natural flavors when cooking, boiling and steaming foods. Dishwashers will last longer due to less mineral scaling.

  • Laundry Room

    Clothes and towels are softer, cleaner and brighter using less detergent. Washing machines last longer with less mineral scaling. Sheets and clothes are cleaner, fresher and last longer.

  • Appliances

    Water flow, pressure are improved by less build up in pipes, fixtures and plumbing. Water heater efficiency is increased due to less mineral scaling, saving on energy costs and replacement costs.

  • Save Money

    Save money on replacing clothes destroyed by rusty orange water. Save on beauty salon fixes to damaged hair. Save on replacing appliances from lime and hard rusty water build-up clogging water lines.

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